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Sam Dowden has been playing the guitar and singing songs that he has written, and others that inspire him since he was 10 years old. It was Sam's teacher at primary school who first noticed Sam's enthusiasm for music and shared that with his mother Clare who actioned and supported Sam's development in this area.


Sam tried a few other instruments before settling upon the guitar including the cornet and the piano. Sam credits his mother Clare's support as part of the reason he has managed to carve a life and career doing something that he truly loves and is passionate about. 

Music is in the family and Sam's uncle Nicholas Sykes, an incredibly experienced Sound Engineer and was instrumental in the creation and production of Sam's first album 'Out of the Blue'. 

Sam's own music is inspired by his own life events, that of those around him and also from his own journey of personal development and discovery. A lot of Sam's music resonates with those who listen to it for that reason. You can hear this reflected in songs such as 'Always here' and 'Silver Skin' which was written about Sam's late father after his passing when Sam was in his very early 20's.

Although Sam was born in London, he was six months when the family relocated to North Devon and Sam, although he has dipped his toes in city life and has close family and ties there - has Devon deep in his bones and so has created a career performing in the local area. Reaching his wider audience via Social Media - in particular YouTube where you can see many of Sam's uploads. 


Sam has built his business from scratch and as he would say at times has had to "hustle" to make it work. The effort has been worth it, Sam is now one of the most well known artists and performers in North Devon. He has beautiful relationships with the venders he performs on behalf of, and receives many lovely comments from people who come down to see him play while on holiday, year after year. Some of which book him for their weddings!

Sam is now a seriously sought after wedding singer and performer as well as maintaining appearances at his gigs at local venues and festivals. 

Sam is inherently and innately a very creative person who loves to make his own music and film, watch this space for the latest development and releases.

So some of the year Sam takes to work on his creative projects in his hand built studio where he now records himself, as well as other musicians who trust him with the professional skill of recording and editing their material. 

If you would like to listen to some of Sam's own music you can find him on Spotify and iTunes and YouTube. 

Sam is a human and animal rights activist, he eats plant based because he says its "good for the planet, good for the animals and good for me"

Sam runs his business from North Devon and has his eldest sister Polly as part of his executive team. Sam is actually hilarious, not sure if we should put that here, but what the heck. Follow us on Social for more on this and hopefully some evidence to back up this fun fact. 

Message for Sam

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your music, as it has really helped me get through some very hard times.


I first heard of you back when you were playing in Tiverton with the “out of the blue” album; I was an incredibly young and damaged lass and would usually find myself incredibly drunk a lot of the time during your sets (which would sadly become a common theme for some years when it came to my life).


I’d listen to your music a lot during my down days which actually did inspire me to eventually sort myself out.

As cheesy as it sounds, the song “Always here” made me feel very seen and hit quite a sensitive spot with the pain I was carrying around for the longest time and I realised I needed to change and start living the life I was capable of, the one I deserved and become the version of myself that was buried under all the mess.


I’ve been nearly 10 months sober now and just about to finish my mental health nursing apprenticeship so I can better serve my patients and be there for people, much like your music was for me for all those years.


Wishing you all the best and again, thank you 

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