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Are you looking for an experienced acoustic Wedding Singer?! Well,  you've come to the right place! Over the past 10 years Sam has performed live music at an excess of 200 weddings.

Sam's varied experience, expertise and friendly demeanour give couples and their guests the reassurance of having top professional performance, in a bespoke and intimate way.


Sam performing at your wedding is a truly memorable experience and will be a touching addition which you and your guests will never forget. An absolute essential if you are wishing to create a truly bespoke and enchanting occasion


Sam is available to perform during wedding ceremonies, receptions, first dances and aisle walks. Sam can also provide acoustic background music during wedding breakfasts, and of course providing lively and fun evening entertainment. 


Every wedding Sam performed has been a unique and personalised experience. Our company has learned how to support our couples to creating the impression, experience and ambiance you are wishing to have on your special day. If you would like more information and the services Sam's offers, please do contact us and we will send you more information with all of the choices available to you.


Here are the available wedding options, prices include a non-refundable £100 deposit payable upon booking:

Our Options


Ceremony Only (£300)

Up to 45 minutes of live music for your ceremony, which includes:

  • Within daytime hours only 12-6pm

  • Only available fo weddings in the North Devon area

  • May include music to welcome guests being seated, isle walk, signing of the register and exit song

  • Up to 45 mins of play: before during and exit of ceremony - for example 30 mins to welcome guests, isle walk, signing of register, exit song.


Basic Day Option (£350)

1 hour set during the day (12noon-6pm)

  • 1 hour of continuous play at your wedding

  • Does not include ceremony or aisle walk (see above ceremony only option)

  • Only available for weddings in the North Devon area


Standard Evening Option (£600)

8pm onwards 2 x 1 hour sets which include:

  • Please see Standard Day for details 

  • Does not include Ceremony or Isle walk.


Standard Day Option (£600)

12-6pm 2 x 1 hour sets which include:


  • This includes 2 hours of live music which you can select from the set list attached.
    A standard wedding option commences at Sam’s arrival and finishes a maximum of 4 hours later at the end of his last set. 

  • If set up is required a few hours in advance this can be arranged at no extra charge (In the North Devon Area only)

  • May include ceremony and Isle walk - 1 hour of play will be allocated for a ceremony - Standard Day Only (please see ceremony option for additional details)


Please note - If you require Sam to perform between 6-8pm then you will need to upgrade to a Deluxe option, as this is a key time where Sam may have two bookings, and requires the time in between to travel, set up and perform at both - day and evening. This is the rational for the options having set times. This is particularly important during peak wedding season as there may be multiple bookings during a day.


Deluxe All Day Wedding Option (£800)

3 x 1 hour sets which include:

  • Aisle walk option 

  • May also include for example the entertaining of guests at the ceremony in addition to evening entertainment. 

  • 1 hour of play will allocated if playing for the ceremony (please see ceremony option for additional details)

  • Sets can be split in to several slots to accommodate your plans

  • 7 hour day from time of arrival to end of last set - will be allocated to your wedding to accommodate your timings. 

  • If set up is required earlier than start time then there no charge for this as long as this is in North Devon area.


Super Deluxe All Day Option (£950)

This option includes:

  • 3 x 1 hr sets of live music 

  • Aisle walk option

  • PA Hire (PA, Lights and Speakers. Everything you need for a DIY Disco, microphones for speeches and smoke machine also available upon request)

1 hour of play will be allocated if playing for the ceremony (please see ceremony only option 1 for additional details)


What will Sam wear?

As  a special service, we offer our couples the option to chose what Sam will wear on your special day:

Low key / casual 


Super Smart


*(may incur a small fee if an outfit is required to be hired and requires 60 days notice)

Does Sam ever leave Devon?

Great news - Sam does leave Devon! ;) 

Sam is able to perform for you at your wedding  even if it is outside of the the N.Devon area. 


Any travel outside of North Devon incurs a fee of 75p per mile.
This will be 
quoted to you at the time of your enquiry, in addition to the main fee. 

Can Sam play the music we love?

Bespoke weddings are a key feature of the service we offer and the performances Sam provides during your most specialist of days! 

There are the ways we give couples ultimate flexibility and autonomy to create the exact feel and sound they want.

1) We provide a Set List Preference List which is edited by our couples in advance. This way Sam will know what to play, when and if there is anything he definitely should or shouldn't play.  

2) If there are any Additional Special Songs requests you wish, which are not already on the set list, Sam will learn these for you.F or example the Aisle Walk etc.

  • Additional Special Song Request £50 each song

  • Maximum of 2 songs learned 

  • 60 days notice to learn song required

How do final checks work?

As part of our service we offer extensive personalised information and guidance via email to discuss all our couples preferences and requirements. We also offer a phone call with Polly, Sam's assistant to go over the fine details and order of service. This is offered at approx 30 days before the date of your wedding.

We want everything to run as smoothly as you do! 

We welcome all our couples to contact us to discuss any queries they may have, at any point during the process. We pride ourselves on being able to cater for the most complex of Orders of Ceremony. Sam's extensive experience and expertise performing during weddings, which facilitates us to guide you through the process, so you may confidently create the true manifestation of the day you both desire.

Can we use Sam's equipment?

Our professional PA, lights and equipment will be included for your use in-between Sam's sets and it goes without saying - for they duration of his performances as part of his service. 

If you require a RIG/PA Hire either before or after Sam concludes his performances, we have a full service offering hire of: Lights, PA, Subwoofer, and the optional extras included of: smoke machine and 

wireless microphones for speeches etc.


Please see - Hire a PA for full details on our Private Events Page, or contact us here.


All of the equipment you require for you event is available through our website and can be booked in
addition or in isolation. 

See the below where the PA hire is included for 12 hours (12noon -12am):

PA Hire is included in:

Super Deluxe Option - Wedding

Super Deluxe Option - Private Event. 

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